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Latest Posts

Ditch Google’s Blasé Favicon Service, Grabicon Loves You

In high school, I was infatuated with a girl named Virginia. Her curly hair and perky nose gave her a Marilyn Monroe quality that blinded me to the worst thing about her…she just wasn’t that into me. Eventually, I found the cure. I wish I could say it was self-respect, but the real trick was […]

Become a Code Ninja with Codewars

I am not a ninja, in the traditional sense. My chubby frame and fuzzy beard can attest to that. But Codewars has given me the ability to be a ninja in one very special area of my life: programming. Kata are moves that one practices and perfects as they attempt to master a martial art. In this spirit, Codewars presents […]

Programming Kata: Treat a Hash Like a JavaScript Object

In JavaScript, objects look and act an awful lot like hashes: How can we mimic this in Ruby? It’s easier than you might think. Ruby classes have an instance method called `method_missing` that is called whenever…you guessed it…it can’t find the method you asked for. Since Ruby allows us to open up any class and […]

Rubyists Should Learn from Ford’s Example

From the moment I laid my twelve year old eyes on the Ford Mustang, I was in love. But even before that, I remember taking road trips to Wisconsin, bouncing around in the covered bed of my dad’s F-150 pickup with my sister. Back then, we didn’t wear seat belts – my parents would lay down […]