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You've made a great investment in Ruby. It's open source, robust, and encourages rapid development. Ruby Cuts specializes in giving you the highest return on that investment. The Ruby language allows projects to get off the ground quickly. Junior-level developers can make a lot of initial progress with platforms like Ruby on Rails or Sinatra, and with the vast library of open-source Ruby gems.

As your project matures, however, you may find the need for a Ruby master - someone who can solve the tough problems. Often, it's the most cost effective to keep junior developers on staff, and bring in an expert when you experience those stumbling blocks. That's why Ruby Cuts specializes in:



Jaime Bellmyer

Jaime Bellmyer founded RubyCuts in mid-2014 and currently makes up 100% of the RubyCuts team. After a decade of working with Perl, Jaime fell in love with Ruby's clean syntax, and the community's emphasis on readable, efficient code. Since then, he has made it his mission to become a true Ruby expert. But don't take our word for it, just ask The Interwebs:

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