Ruby is a powerful language for web applications, but like any technology decision there are trade-offs. The power of Ruby lies in rapid development - programmers are free to quickly write adaptive, expressive code that is highly readable by other developers (or even the same developers months later). Once your application gains traction, however, you may find your Ruby application to be a bit of a resource hog.

This is a very positive trade-off; companies that use Ruby are able to take applications from concept to prototype with lightning speed, and don't need to worry about performance until the application has proven itself to be useful and popular. The downside is that it can be tougher to find Ruby developers with large-scale application experience.

We can perform code reviews and analyze your database schema to identify the most common bottlenecks. We can move some operations to the database layer where they are handled best. If your application needs more attention, we can consult on platform scalability options as well.

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