There are many ways to get your Ruby team up to speed:

Lecture Format

If you have a large developer team, or just learn better with expert instruction, traditional lectures are an option. We can come to your office, or teach via video conference. We build a custom lesson plan tailored to your team's experience level (both with Ruby, and programming in general), and your current project.

We can help your project get off the ground by integrating lessons and "homework" with real-world deliverables in your application. Subsequent lessons provide the opportunity for your developers to show their work, and gain valuable instructor feedback in the form of a code review.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is when two developers sit at the same computer, working on the same set of tasks. Pairing a Ruby expert with a junior-level developer, or even a seasoned developer who is new to Ruby, this is the way to beat the learning curve.

If you are a single developer, or if your Ruby team is small, pair programming is the way to gain quick productivity with Ruby. While a lecture format provides valuable information, pair programming puts knowledge into practice. Working on a real-world application is the fastest way to internalize book learning.

If your developers are self-starters, they can study Ruby on their own time and substitute pair programming for lecture-style learning altogether. Pair programming with an expert will give them valuable real-world experience. This can be a very cost-effective way to grow Ruby talent on your team.

Boot Camp

If your team contains three or more Ruby developers, a boot camp can be the most productive way to get your project up and running. We jump right into your project as a temporary part of your dev team, for the requested number of weeks. We help get over the initial hurdles and explain platform options.

We spend time pair programming with each member of your team. This helps shore up any gaps in their knowledge, and boosts productivity. We will be making real progress on your application while your team learns the ropes. If your team is new to Ruby, this is the fastest way to get them up to speed. If they already have Ruby experience, our help will get your project off the ground faster, and everybody will learn a few new tricks.

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