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Latest Posts

Rubyists Should Learn from Ford’s Example

From the moment I laid my twelve year old eyes on the Ford Mustang, I was in love. But even before that, I remember taking road trips to Wisconsin, bouncing around in the covered bed of my dad’s F-150 pickup with my sister. Back then, we didn’t wear seat belts – my parents would lay down […]

All I Need to Know about Business, I Learned on StackOverflow

I recently ran across this light-hearted post on StackOverflow. If you’re not familiar with StackOverflow, it’s a question/answer site for programmers. Users gain reputation points for answering questions from other users, and it can be addictive to grow your reputation over time. I’m in the top 3% of StackOverflow users, myself. Based on the principal that […]

Enumerable Magic – Introduction

Whether you realize it or not, you get a lot of use out of Ruby’s Enumerable module. It shows up in arrays, hashes, file I/O, database interactions, and more. I’m going to explain what this module is, and how you can put it to use in your own Ruby classes. What is a Module, and […]

Automatic Summary Tables in PostgreSQL

Has your app begun to slow down over time, whether you’re seeing a large increase in traffic or not? It might be that those complex database queries that were snappy when you first launched are now taking longer and longer to execute. The first step is proper indexing, but you likely did this when you […]